Bridging Nations: Galle Face Green Festival Marks 70 Years of Sri Lanka-Germany Relations, Featuring DAAD Sri Lanka

In a celebration that promises to be an elaborate extravaganza, the German Embassy in Colombo is set to host a grand festival at Galle Face Green on Saturday, 2nd December 2023 from 3 – 9 pm, marking 70 years of diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and Germany.


Anticipation is high for an event that not only commemorates seven decades of friendship but also promises to showcase the vibrant tapestry of cultural exchange between the two nations. Galle Face Green, a historic and iconic venue in Colombo, will transform into a hub of festivities, offering an array of activities that capture the essence of Germany. The festival aims to create an immersive experience for attendees of all ages through stalls dedicated for the five partner organizations of the German Embassy in Colombo, i.e., DAAD Sri Lanka, Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Sri Lanka, Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka, Friedrich Naumann Foundation Sri Lanka and GIZ Sri Lanka, and stalls of many other sponsors.

Adding an educational flair to the celebration, DAAD Sri Lanka, the German Academic Exchange Service will have a prominent presence at the festival. The DAAD stall is set to be a focal point for those seeking information about educational opportunities and academic exchanges between Sri Lanka and Germany. Prospective students, academics, and curious minds alike will have the chance to engage with representatives from DAAD Sri Lanka, learning about the diverse range of study programs, scholarships, and research collaborations available in Germany. The stall aims to be an informative and interactive space, providing insights into the enriching experiences that await those venturing into German academia.

As the sun sets over Galle Face Green, the festival is poised to be a memorable occasion, weaving together the threads of history, culture, and education. The German Embassy, along with DAAD Sri Lanka, extends a warm invitation to all to join in this momentous celebration of 70 years of friendship and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of academic exchange.

Save the date and be a part of this extraordinary event on Saturday, 2 December 2023!

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Screenshot of map with location of DAAD-office marked