Event Information

September 12, 2019, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Organiser: DAAD Regional Office New Delhi


Looking for the best professional engineering degree? Interested in studying sciences, business or media subjects?

Look no further! At Ilmenau TU you have found the ideal seat of learning. It is a „Technische Universität“ (TU – as the name suggests, it specialises in engineering and science) with departments that collaborate closely across the disciplines. It has intensive partnerships with industry and business in Germany and the rest of the world, giving you an insight into what will be demanded of you in the world of work and helping you decide on a specific career. Its teaching is of a high quality and student facilities are at the state of the art, which is reflected in the high ranking achieved by Ilmenau TU in independent league tables.

Both in Germany and abroad, Ilmenau TU is highly regarded. Students and researchers have come here to work from more than 90 nations, with all that means in dynamic, colorful interaction between countries and cultures. Come and feel welcome as one of its 7000 students.