It has been 60 years since the DAAD established its presence in the region, which means several decades of innumerable success stories. The DAAD would like to hear yours. Tell us about your experience in Germany and share your very own story with us.

There are two possibilities lined up – read on!

1. Lights-Camera-Action!

Make a small video, send us a picture or simply write to us about what made your stay in Germany special. Time to take a trip down memory lane, relive your Germany-days!

Remember the following while making the video

  1. Duration: Maximum 3-5 minutes
  2. Equipment: Any smart phone with a decent camera or a video camera, earphones, microphone. Do test your audio and video before you begin
  3. Location: Any place quiet, indoors or outdoors, without ambient distractions / noises and with sufficient light
  4. Filming: Close-up, composition (the rule of thirds), take help from a friend

What you can talk about

  • What do you hold most dear from your time/stay in Germany?
  • Describe your most unforgettable moment.
  • What impact did the stay have on you?
  • What is the one quality that you admire about Germans and would like to imbibe?
  • Describe your favourite German festival.

Do refer to the links below for more specific directions and tips to shoot your video – it won’t take more than 3 minutes to look at these.

2. Photography Buff?

You could also send us pictures and tell us (in about 100 words) about …

  • Your favourite German word
  • Your favourite German food
  • Describe a picture you took in Germany and tell us why it is special to you
  • A picture of what you took along to Germany but never used

You can send us a video, a picture with a descriptive text or even a few lines telling us your experience. Feel free to send photos of things beyond the list above!

Where and how to upload your video, pictures and texts?

  1. Copy the following link to your browser or click to upload:
  2. Click on the folder DAAD_Upload_Film_Pictures_Text
  3. Click Upload and choose the respective file from your system. You can close the browser after the upload is complete and the file appears on the page.
  4. You do not need download the folder.
  5. Make sure your video data file is in an Mp4 format and photo file in a jpg format.
  6. After creating your data file, rename it with your last and first names.

Please send us your films, pictures or texts until 31 July 2020.
Your creativity has no limits!

For questions, feel free to write to