The DAAD Regional Office New Delhi organised its very first Alumni Strategy Workshop – a two part digital workshop on the 19th of May and 2nd of June.

It was attended by 14 DAAD alumni and DAAD Research and Young Ambassadors from various regions in India as well as from Nepal and Bangladesh. As part of the engaged and active DAAD alumni network from the region, they were invited to deliberate a DAAD alumni strategy 2021 for the region, in order to set the framework to further strengthen the cooperation between the alumni and the DAAD Regional office, by keeping their interests in focus.

The workshop included discussions on various aspects of alumni relations such as communication, networks, digital instruments and role of the Higher Education Institutions.

Through this workshop, the Regional Office would like to ensure concrete outcomes for which the next steps will be to collate and coordinate these inputs and integrate them to mutually develop competent strategies for the DAAD and its alumni in the region.